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How We Can Help Your Business

As a UBA Member Firm, we will work with you to analyze your benefits needs, prioritize your goals and provide you with technology tools that will streamline costs and improve your overall benefits package. With the shared knowledge and expertise of thousands of other UBA benefits professionals, UBA Member Firms can meet the needs of any size business. Working with a UBA Member Firm can:

SAVE YOU TIME: UBA Members offer a variety of web-based HR-related tools that lower administration costs and free your HR staff to concentrate on your business' strategic objectives and needs of your employees.

SAVE YOU MONEY: UBA Members have access to sophisticated, actuarially developed tools that provide employers with information needed to manage plan costs, helping your business find the best and most cost-efficient employee benefit plans.

FIND SOLUTIONS JUST FOR YOU: Because they are independent and local, UBA Members can provide personalized service and help you design benefits packages that work in your local market.

HELP YOU STAY A STEP AHEAD: Having access to UBA’s shared wisdom and national survey data allows Member Firms to be aware of local and national trends and find innovative ways to solve your employee benefit challenges.

SERVE YOU LOCALLY AND NATIONALLY: Because UBA is a national organization, Member Firms can create unique benefits packages for companies that have locations in multiple states and can help employers who are relocating or expanding. As a combined group, UBA’s annual employee benefit revenues rank it as one of the five largest employee benefit brokerage organizations in the United States.

PROVIDE TRUSTED, PROVEN ADVICE: To be part of UBA, Members must have a proven track record of financial success, experience and integrity. UBA Member Firms strive to be the most trusted and most reliable benefits experts in their individual market.