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Estate Planning & Wealth Management

Estate Planning and Wealth Management are the most subjective topics in our array of services.  As you can imagine, there are an infinite number of solutions and none of them are technically “wrong.”

Estate Planning is based on how a person wants things left, which is an extremely personal decision.  Nonetheless, if we know what your desires are, we can help to implement designs in order to achieve your goals, which may include some of the following products:

  • Life Insurance – This can be as simple as term insurance to protect young families from an early death by creating an instant estate.  Life insurance is also a very powerful tool when it comes to transferring wealth from generation-to-generation efficiently in affluent families.  This is due to the ability to keep the already Tax-Free proceeds from being included in one’s estate as long as it is owned properly (ex. owned by an irrevocable life insurance trust).
  • Long Term Disability Income Insurance – During a person’s accumulation phase, there typically isn’t a more valuable asset than their ability to earn a living.  Thus, many chose to utilize group and individual Long Term Disability policies to protect themselves during their working careers.
  • Long Term Care Insurance – As people age, their mindset switches from protecting their ability to earn a living to protecting their retirement assets.  As we all know, elder care is expensive and longevity keeps increasing.  Thus, many chose to attempt to mitigate their potential future health care costs via the purchase of Long Term Care policies.

Wealth Management is customized financial planning designed to achieve personal goals. While we have a certain “way” in which we like to invest, we are open to using a wide array of products in an effort to achieve your goals. The level of aggressiveness is totally based on what a person is trying to accomplish with their assets. Using a combination of products, we can often design a customized plan that invests more conservatively while still meeting personal objectives.

There are many ways that individuals can invest toward their retirement/goals.  Thus, we design, implement, and administer the following:

  • Retirement Plans:
    • Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs)
    • Roth IRAs
    • 401(k) Plans
    • 403(b)
    • SIMPLE IRA Plans
    • SEP Plans
    • Profit-Sharing Plans
    • Money Purchase Plans
    • Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)
    • 457 Plans
    • 409A Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans
  • Educational Savings Plans:
    • 529 College Savings Plans
    • Coverdale Education Savings Accounts
    • UGMA/UTMA Custodial Accounts

The complex tax and legislative environment surrounding retirement/college planning only compounds the confusion. 

Please call us so we can help guide you through the array of potential solutions.