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Legislative & Regulatory Reporting

Over the last few years, we witnessed significant changes to employee benefit regulations and have seen an increase in the number of employer plans being audited for compliance under these regulations.

Swartzbaugh-Farber is committed to complying with government requirements, which is critical to providing a successful employee benefits program. Through our collective resources as a member firm of UBA, we have developed many tools to assist with meeting those requirements.
Swartzbaugh-Farber receives compliance support from two labor law firms: Jackson Lewis LLP and Fisher & Phillips LLP. Through these relationships, we provide timely email compliance alerts, quarterly compliance newsletters, and regular webinars on the most urgent legislative issues facing employers today.
The resources of both Fisher & Phillips and Jackson Lewis LLP {Different law firm than the ones named above.} are always available to the Swartzbaugh-Farber staff for any client concerns and questions.
Swartzbaugh-Farber completes a thorough compliance analysis on all of our clients to ensure they effectively anticipate and manage emerging regulatory issues and reduce the risk of financial damages. We have several checklists of documents, filings, and notifications required by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) on an annual basis.
We provide our clients access to HRInsiderTM, an online resource designed to keep employers informed about and compliant with the benefits and HR landscape. Features include:
Major Federal Benefits Legislation
This section focuses on health and welfare benefits impacted by Federal legislation that affect a majority of an employer's population, such as COBRA, FMLA, HIPAA, HSAs, Section 125, and USERRA.
This section helps employers comply with ERISA enforcement, Form 5500 reports, plan documents, summary plan descriptions, and annual reports. A reporting and disclosure chart highlights specific deadlines for Federal group health and welfare reports.
Other Federal Benefits Legislation
This section focuses on benefits impacted by Federal legislation that are unique to specific segments of an employers' population, such as the Newborns' and Mothers' Health Protection Act, Pediatric Vaccinations, Qualified Medical Child Support Orders, Women's Health & Cancer Rights, Mental Health Parity, and Medicare.
Taxation of Payroll & Benefits
This section overviews the payroll and tax implications of various benefits for employers and employees, such as life insurance and self-insured health plans.
Federal Employment Laws
This section provides an overview of Federal laws that employers need to follow to be in compliance, including the Equal Pay Act, the Warren Act, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, and more.
Healthcare Expense Reimbursement Table
This table lists expenses that are eligible for reimbursement from a healthcare flexible spending account (FSA).
Resource Center
This section contains three major areas: (a) Document Center (compliance booklets on certain aspects of labor law, Federal/state documents, HR forms and policies, and health and wellness brochures; (b) Labor Law Updates (benefits alerts, labor letters, and comments from legal subject-matter experts); and (c) Other HR Resources (HR/benefits-related web links and HR/compliance newsletters).
As a strategic partner for legal matters involving benefits and employment, Fisher & Phillips LLP developed the legislative content, materials, and forms for HRInsider. Content is updated as changes in legislation and regulations occur. Fisher & Phillips LLP is one of the oldest and largest law firms in the nation, limiting its practice to representation of management in employment, benefits, labor, and business immigration matters.
As a valued client, you will be provided with the following essential materials on an ongoing basis:
  • A monthly HR Elements Bulletin, containing information regarding employment, benefit trends, and legislation.
  • Frequent communications covering a variety of topics including, but not limited to COBRA, HIPAA, HSAs, FMLA, and ERISA.
  • Periodic seminars in Omaha and webinars covering a variety of topics relevant to our clients.