UBA Members and their clients help produce an annual health plan benchmarking survey that includes responses from nearly 20,000 health plans sponsored by nearly 15,000 employers nationwide. It is by far the most comprehensive, validated survey of medical plan design and plan costs ever conducted. The UBA Health Plan Survey provides small to midsize employers with valuable benchmarking data that previously were only available to large corporations. By using this data, advisors who are Members of UBA can help employers more accurately evaluate costs, contrast the current benefit plan’s effectiveness against competitors’ plans and adjust accordingly.


EBCs are online portals that can keep your employees informed about their benefits and save you time, money and energy. EBCs can provide a wealth of information on all your benefits plans as well as all necessary forms and resources directly to your employees.


HRInsider is an online compliance and HR news hub that can keep you informed of major legislative and employer-related events. Features include guidance on major labor laws by Fisher & Phillips (one of the nation’s premier labor law firms), daily compliance and HR news updates, tax and payroll guidance, wellness resources and more.


Stay up-to-date on the latest compliance requirements with the UBA Employer Webinar Series.  These monthly, hour-long sessions hosted by labor law firm Fisher & Phillips cover the top employer-related compliance issues and help your company remain compliant with the latest benefits law.


Learn about major changes to labor laws when they happen with the UBA Compliance Alerts. These email alerts, crafted by labor law firm Fisher & Phillips, inform you of changes to labor and benefits law and let you know what you need to do immediately to remain compliant.


As a UBA Member, we can offer access to a variety of unique wellness resources, from extensive programs to a la carte services, such as on-site clinics.