Blue Print Process

Our Blueprint process is a unique, strategic way of looking at your company’s benefits and identifying ways to maximize the Return on Investment (ROI) on the company’s budget allocated to employee benefits.

Most employers focus solely on the bottom line, or the total dollars spent to provide an attractive benefit package to their employees.  We propose that this is a “false bottom line”; the “real bottom line” measures how effectively your company maximizes the benefits received from investing in your employees — for example, does your company create a high-value perception of the employee benefits offered? Does the program maximize employee retention? Are you educating employees on their role to keep health care costs down? Are you minimizing compliance risks?

At the end of the Blueprint process, you will have a strategic plan, or Blueprint, for maximizing the ROI of your benefit plans and encouraging your employees to become better stewards of their healthcare.

There are four steps to the process:

  1. The Starter Kit – This first step helps identify areas to target in step two, the Discovery Phase. Everyone participating in the Discovery Phase should complete the Starter Kit independently. This step is also a good time for those participating to align their thoughts and strategic initiatives to ensure everyone is on the same page. The Starter Kit should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.
  2. The Discovery Phase –This second step involves a question and answer session facilitated by Swartzbaugh-Farber. Participants from your company should include the strategic decision makers and the individuals on the “front-lines.” This step details your company’s current environment, your goals, and the processes that are currently effective or require some improvement. The Discovery Phase should take approximately 90 minutes to complete.
  3. Assessment – This step requires no time commitment from you.  Swartzbaugh-Farber collects information received during the Discovery Phase and completes the Blueprint for your company.
  4. Blueprint and Toolbox Presentation – In this meeting, Swartzbaugh-Farber presents the Blueprint for maximizing the ROI of your company’s benefits budget. The Blueprint also identifies ways to measure this ROI.  Typically, this presentation lasts about 90 minutes.

At the end of this process, the Blueprint is yours to keep, with no further obligations.  If you would like to continue working with us as your trusted advisor, we will gladly welcome the opportunity to partner with you to effectively implement your new plan.