UBA Members and their clients help produce an annual health plan benchmarking survey that includes responses from nearly 20,000 health plans sponsored by nearly 15,000 employers nationwide. It is by far the most comprehensive, validated survey of medical plan design and plan costs ever conducted. The UBA Health Plan Survey provides small to midsize employers with valuable benchmarking data that previously were only available to large corporations. By using this data, advisors who are Members of UBA can help employers more accurately evaluate costs, contrast the current benefit plan’s effectiveness against competitors’ plans and adjust accordingly.

Health Care Cost Management – Data Analytics

Actuarial Software

We utilize cutting edge actuarial software supported by Reden & Anders, a nationally recognized actuarial firm. The underlying Reden & Anders database consists of nearly 4.5 million lives of claims experience. This software replicates the tools utilized by carrier underwriters to develop rates and factors. The following tools are employed in both self-funded and fully insured benefit plans:

Stop Loss Analyzer

This tool evaluates the financial impact and appropriateness of various levels and types of stop loss insurance while incorporating employer specific demographic, location, and industry characteristics. Output results include a comparison of premium levels and exposures at alternative specific and aggregate deductible levels, the impact on aggregate experience due to changes in specific deductible levels, and the appropriateness of premium rate levels versus actuarially based rates.

Medical Reserve Calculator

Using client-specific claim information, the Medical Reserve Calculator provides accurate run-out liability and reserve estimates for self-funded plans and illustrates premium versus claim loss ratios for fully insured plans.


PriceModeler provides the normative benchmarks and benefits modeling necessary to assist in the successful planning and management of health benefit programs. The underlying data provides a benchmarking tool to compare many aspects of an employer’s demographic characteristics, including age and gender and tier distribution, a group’s claim costs per member, and distribution of claims by type of service and location. PriceModeler is a successful planning tool when used to determine the cost implications of changes in medical/Rx plan designs, locations, and demographics. The underlying information is updated annually to account for medical management, utilization, and geographical changes.

We use these calculations to serve as a strong vantage point from which to arrange reinsurance premiums, claim factors, and attachment factors.

Employee Surveys

Survey Monkey is an online tool that, when used with your permission, allows us to create and gather information from company employees on satisfaction levels of benefits, opinions on wellness programs, or many other focused areas of benefit plans. Surveys assist us considerably in the design and educational needs regarding changes to employee benefit programs.

Proprietary Ancillary Benefit Solutions

Swartzbaugh-Farber recognizes that voluntary and workplace benefits are the fastest growing segment of the insurance industry. Given the uncertainty, and at times, instability in our health care system, our voluntary/ancillary products have stayed constant and consistent. We work closely with several carriers to specifically design a benefit solution for your workplace needs.  Our affiliations with United Benefit Advisors and M Financial Group allows us to provide many products that are proprietary in nature and exclusive to our clients.

Employers often do not know what types of coverage to offer their employees. Swartzbaugh-Farber evaluates each employer situation to help determine which product best suits the needs of the company and their employees.

Swartzbaugh-Farber will help you establish exactly how voluntary insurance can work in concert with your major medical plan to enhance your employee benefit packages. These products are offered at ZERO cost to your bottom line, and your employees will appreciate the additional benefit opportunities and protection offered to them.