EBCs are online portals that can keep your employees informed about their benefits and save you time, money and energy. EBCs can provide a wealth of information on all your benefits plans as well as all necessary forms and resources directly to your employees.

Employee Benefit Centers Streamline Communications for HR Staff and Employees

An Employee Benefit Center (EBC) is an online employee benefits portal. The technology behind an EBC simplifies many time-consuming tasks for HR staffs, improves employee communications, and saves time, money, and energy! Statistics show that most employees don’t know the basics of their benefits until they need them. Furthermore, most HR staff know that traditional methods of benefits communication have not been very successful.

Swartzbaugh-Farber & Associates, Inc. can provide you with a customized EBC that will help you increase the effectiveness of your benefits communication to employees. Consequently, you can focus on the more strategic functions of your job and respond more effectively to a changing benefits environment.

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